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제작회사   B&K
모델명   B&K Pulse Type 3560
    Two-microphone impedance Measurement
    Tube Type 4206
주요사항   1)PC Bzsed system with 4 ch. font-end
     - OS : Window NT Korean
     - FFT&CPB analyzer runs at the same time
    2)Accustic Absorption Measurement System
     - Absorption Frequency Range : 50㎐ to 6.4k㎐
     - Zero channel microphone power supply for field
    3)3-axial accelerometer for comparison acoustic
       and vibration
    4)Data Recording System
     - 8 ch. 16bit digital data recorder system
     - Frequency Range : DC to 20㎑
    5)Portable Printer, EU Version
    6)Calibration Exciter
응용분야   1)소음과 진동을 동시에 측정
    2)관내법에 의한 흡음율 측정
    3)Intensity 측정으로 소음원측정
    4)주진동계의 Module Testing
    5)20K㎐ 까지의 Data Recording