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제작회사   Mitutoyo Corporation
모델명   QV606PT
주요사항   1.Body
    1)Measuring range : 600㎜×600㎜×150㎜(x-y-z axis)
    2)Resolution : 0.0001um
    3)Measuring accuracy : U1=(2.2+3L/1000)um(x-y axis)
    3)Measuring accuracy : U1=(4+5L/1000)um(z axis)
    4)Maximum drive speed : 200㎜/s(x-y axis),150㎜/s(z a)
    4)Maximum drive speed : 150㎜/s(z axis)
    5)Image detecting unit : High-resolution black&white
    5)Image detecting unit : CCD camera
    6)Table glass size : 697×758㎜
    7)Maximum workpiece weight : 40㎏
    1)Image may be stored in TIFF file format
    2)The follwing edge detection tool can be set and optimiz
    2)ed with a Simple mouse click
    3)Pattern search tool
    4)Abnormal data eliminating function
    5)Data measurement
    6)Navigator macro function
    7)Automatically generates a part program based on CAD
    7)data or NC processing data, for measuring through-
    7)holes in printed circuit boards
    8)This software program generates a part program off line
    8)using a 2d CAD drawing
응용분야   미세 Hole 측정용
    PCB의 HOLE측정 및 터치방식의 삼차원측정기에서 측정이
    어려운 미세 HOLE측정에 적합